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EVO new Webpage is almost ready to recieve your logins stay tunned the news,


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To use the EVO Games and Breedables in SL you are required to have an account for support and prize delivers. To register you just need to click the “Register” button at one of our Vendors or in the Mainstore Registery Ledgers. You can also use this system to reset your EVO Account Password.


  • Servers update are being finalized.
  • Yukas Baby Mammoths 2.0 on the final stage of scripting and tests.
  • New game to come out, Guardians of Valkhyra Pit Fighters, will let your Warrior Faes fight with each other for prizes and contests.
  • New Sim Mainstore Location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leather%20and%20Lace/178/130/27
  • Hammies Pet Server Fixed with 5 new Hammies
  • Golden and Blue Orbs servers fixed and giving new Faes
  • Some of the Collectibles are being redone and added to the missing servers.

Our Community


“OMG your Evo Website is WOW very nice you have the fairies displayed, looks like you put part of your hub in there, You did very well will catch lots of Peoples Eye and most will be interested in the Evo products Really Great KhrysT YOu all are very Artistic. WELL DONE!! :))

  1. I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT your Sim. I love your Creations and also the Fairies & Clef Streams.”
BELLA ROSES FOREVER (rosesforelane)

“Evo Fairies gave me a light at time in my real life when it was dark. I was going threw alot surgerys and one of my nurces told me about them so that when my obsession started. it helped me forget about the pain i was in. i also joke with my doctors that the fairies helped me heal faster after they had done my skin graft. i am more then grateful for the evo team and what that given us in sl.”

Rosie (MrsRosejohn)

“Tudo se tornou comum e rotineiro em minha vida SL. Até um dia conhecer a EVO Breedables e sua comunidade. Me apaixonei pelo mundo mistico das fadas e me tornei um adimirador desse mundo . Tinha vontade de conhecer a cada dia e aprender tudo sobre o mundo delas. Conheci varios membros da comunidade que me ajudaram em tudo que eu prescisava. Os eventos que acontecem a semana inteira tras muita alegria e divertimento Amo EVO, e hoje ajudo a muitos tambem iniciarem nesse mundo magico e Fantastico de EVO com seus Breedables.”

Antony2468 Kappler

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