Coup de Grace CG

You are one of the Heirs to the Throne. You need to manipulate, bluff and bribe your way to power. Your objective is to destroy the influence of all the other heirs, forcing them into exile. Only one heir will survive…

In EVO*Coup de Grace, you want to be the last player with influence in the game, with influence being represented by face-down character cards in your playing area. EVO*Coup de Grace is a Scripted Card Game for Second Life Platform, based on The Coup Card Game by Rikki Tahta

Each player starts the game with two influence i.e., two face-down character cards

Duke: Take three coins from the treasury. Block someone from taking foreign aid.

Assassin: Pay three coins and try to assassinate another player’s character.

Countess: Block an assassination attempt against yourself.

Captain: Take two coins from another player, or block someone from stealing coins from you.

Ambassador: Block someone from stealing coins from you.

Inquisitor: Force an opponent to show you one of their character cards (their choice which).

On your turn, you can take any of the actions listed above, regardless of which characters you actually have in front of you, or you can take one of three other actions:

Income: Take one coin from the treasury.

Foreign aid: Take two coins from the treasury.

Coup: Pay seven coins and launch a coup against an opponent, forcing that player to lose an influence. (If you have ten coins or more, you must take this action.)

When you take one of the character actions whether actively on your turn, or defensively in response to someone else’s action that character’s action automatically succeeds unless an opponent challenges you. In this case, if you can’t (or don’t) reveal the appropriate character, you lose an influence, turning one of your characters face-up. Face-up characters cannot be used, and if both of your characters are face-up, you’re out of the game.

If you do have the character in question and choose to reveal it, the opponent loses an influence, then you shuffle that character into the deck and draw a new one, perhaps getting the same character again and perhaps not.

The last player to still have influence that is, a face-down character wins the game!

EVO*Coup de Grace Card Game Personal Pack Ver.2018 – 599L$

EVO*Coup de Grace Card Game (Rezz) Ver.2018
EVO*Coup de Grace Card Checker Hud (Wear) Ver.2018
EVO Breedables & Games for SL Landmark.
Project Scripter: DavidM Neox

Card Designer: DavidM Neox & KhrysT Neox

Support Manager: Caleb Xaron

HUD – You can check all the cards from the game with the HUD, click on the mini cards to zoom them.

Card Game – Rez your Game Pad on a table to set up your game.


Cards at your Left – Click here for the Game Menu, here you can start a new game, draw new cards, receive reminders of your active cards etc.

Pouch – Click here to receive your coins at each turn

Cards in Front of You – These are your Influence Cards in game, the card nearest to the cards menu is your first Slot Card, the card nearest the pouch is your second slot card.
Clicking these cards will give you a card play menu. With the option to kill or show.

How the Game works:
From 2 to 80 Players!

All players rez their Game Pads on a table or gaming surface.

The game starts when all players click “Start Game” on the pile of cards, this action will draw two influence cards in front of the player.

The player that takes the first turn should be the winner of the last game, when starting a new game choose a first turn player and follow the players turns in any order.

The game will tell you upon clicking start game which two cards you drew, if you forget them, click the card pile and select “Tell Cards”, for a quick reminder.

At each turn a player must collect coins from his or her coin pouch, the selections are as follows;
Click Income to collect one coin (the income coin collection cannot be blocked)
Click Foreign Aid to collect two coins (this can be blocked by any player with the duke card)
Click Act Duke to collect three coins (only if you have a duke card or bluff a duke card)

Any player can act or bluff with any card from the deck, even without having that card as long as they remain uncontested and not caught out. The length of time to continue bluffing and whether to risk changing their bluffed cards is down to the players discretion.

If a player chooses to bluff a card, any other player can contest that bluff. If the player that is the receiver of the card showdown does have the card they claim, they must click the card slot for it and reveal it using the “Show” button, then draw a new card for that position. The player that called for the contest will lose a card of his or her choice in this scenario.
If the Player was bluffing and got caught out, then that player discards a card of his choice instead and no card action will be taken.

Once a player collects a total of seven coins, they can perform a Coup, the player must click all seven coins by clicking each of the coins and announcing the enemy player targeted by the Coup, the player who has launched the coup then chooses one of the face-down cards at random to kill off. Cards are killed off by clicking the card and clicking the “Kill” button. Kills made this way cannot be blocked.

** Please note that a coup is different from an Assassin’s card’s ability which only requires three coins and can be successfully countered by the Countess or contested by players who believe the player acting the Assassin is bluffing the card.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a ten second cool-down time before card selections are reset, this means that if you change your mind and wish to discard or show card one instead of card two for example, you must wait ten seconds after clicking the “ignore” button on card two’s menu or you will risk killing off or showing both cards simultaneously.

The game is won by the last player standing with at least one Influence card and having all other players eliminated from the game.

At the end of the game, click on the menu “End Game” to clear away all of your coins and cards from the table.


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