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The firts Pet created by KhrysT Lords for SL in 2008. Sliggets ware Mystic Creatures that played with Genetic Collor Breeding in their Hair. Later a “Do your own Sliggets Clothes” texture apply system and jobs ware added.

Sliggets ware a beloved pet and there is still many that ask for them.

The Sliggets are not forgoten by EVO and theres is a project going on to add them to the Fae World, with new body and more gaming options.

The Kurorus came after the V0 Version of the Faes and ware Magic Mushroom Creature to populate your gardens.

Created by Xon Arcana in 2012 and later taken by Ren Ren in EVO guided by KhrysT Lords. This was a short lived project.

The Kurorus are waiting their turn to be added to the BeetleBugz Cather Game from Ren Ren.

The cuttest Rat in SL thats how some of the Hammies Keepers have described. The Hammies was Created by KhrysT Lords and Akasha in 2009 with a range of tools to build cages and habitats.

Later redesigned by Rayne (EVO Faes V1 Designer), the Hammies took a new life and brand new coats.

The project was put on hold due isues with the genetic breeding script, but the EVO Team is planing to bring them back.

A sci-fi planetary conquering Game played in a hud.

Sci-Trek, created by KhrysT Lords, Xon Arcana and Shut Nirvana, was very advanced for SL at the time in 2012 and did not brought many players.

Later Ren Ren picked up Sci-Trek and has been tweeking with it over the years.

The cuttest Baby Mammoth in Sl. Yes the Yukas took the cute eyes baby tusket place from Hammies and was enjoyed by many.

It was also the first medium size pet from EVO, knowed for making small and tinny creatures.

The yukas was created in 2016 by KhrysT Lords as scripter, Akasha as designer and Terrao Winterwolf as Product director.

Due limitations on the httpmessages and SL script language update this project was put on hold.

EVO had before reveled the new Mesh Body and Genetic Update, right before the Yukas was Put on Hold.

KhrysT Lords and Akasha plan to have them for 2024.