EVO Support Links, Marketplace & Mainstore

As part of the reorganization of EVO Systems and Deppartments we are now reopening the Hubs and Event Areas. Those areas are Vendor Points with 20 to 30% Income on Vendor Sales, depending on the product.

To get your location upgraded to HUB contact KhrysT Lords (KhrysT Neox) inworld.

*HUNT – Areas with HUNT on their name are hosting the 14th Anniversary Hunt Collectibles from 1st Octuber to 31st.

Hub Registration Requirements:

  • Area must be open to public all ages/av types.
  • Area must be decorated in the theme for our products/vendors (no skybox cubes)
  • Area must allow 20 users at the same time.
  • Compile with LL Terms of Service
  • Owner of the Area should have the 3 EVO Contest Games already in the area (EVO*Aquatica GO Fishing Area, EVO*BeetleBugz Contest Area, EVO*Guardians of Valkhyra Contest or Tournament Game)
  • Area and availiable prims to set up the EVO Vendors, Displays and Support Items (500 Prims)
  • Ability and time to host one Event per Week in your Area.
  • +30 Days of Second Life
  • Real Residency on Europe, USA, Canada, America Latina (Exept Venezuela). Contact the team in other case.
  • Your Area must be free of any Gore/Sex/Adult/Graphic material that can pose harm to others or is not allowed by the LL TOS

EVO Mainstore & Activities Area * HUNT

The Mainstore and Activities Area is the place to go to get items from the vendors or enjoying the many games and activities for the community. This place have all the vendors and product displays from EVO.

From 15th to 31st December, the EVO Team will be at the mainstore for the giveaway season. Check the home page for dates.


Winter Season Giveaway from 15th to 31st December

Fridays 4PM – Popup Contests and Events in the Mainstore Area


EVO Support Center

Support Area for Customer Account, Update Support and Technical Systems.