Fairy FAQ

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  • How to get the Faes? – EVO MC Faes can be traded by anyone that have them, you can also get the Special Edition Mystery Packs each month at the Vendors for Special Edition Faes.

  • What do i need to keep the Faes? – You will need one of the Free City Packs availiable at our Vendors, and have rezed the Ysra, the Life Tower, the Broken City Walls and the Library.

  • What each Building does? – The Ysra is the Center Tower were your Faes will locate, its the First Building to be Rezed and all other Buildings and Faes will auto-relocate to it. The Life Tower will feed for Free any old version of your Faes, as long as you have loaded at least one Mana Food Pack in your Ysra and Rerez the Life tower.

  • Whats the Current Version of the Faes? – V2 is the current version of the faes, in year version they are V2019, V2020 and V2021, these will Breed and give items using the new V2 City Buildings.

  • Can i pick up my Faes to Inventory? – Yes, you can, but a Fae will only live 1 Hour in the inventory after being released from the Jars. So rez that Fae as soon as you can.

  • My Faes are not eating! – You need to check what Fae do you have, if you have a Merfae (Mermaid Fae) you can only feed it from the Summer City. The same if you have a Creeper Fae (Halloween Fae) you can only feed it from the Halloween City. You also need to be sure your Fae is a V2 Fae.

  • My old version Faes are not eating and their healt is low! – Old version Faes need an active Life Tower to free feed from. To activate your Life Tower simply load any Mana Food Pack in your Ysra and re-rez your Life tower. Your old version Faes will now eat free from it.

  • Can i Transfer Mana to another Ysra? – No, at the moment you can only transfer Mana to another Ysra, in support issues by the team. Please be sure to have low or 0 Mana in your Ysra before you update it.

Only Update your Buldings if the EVO Support Team requests it. Updates of the Fae Buildings should only be done during update seasons or if the team require it to help and give support to you.

  • How long before a Fae Breed? – For Breeding Faes, they will take 14 days to mature, after and being feed they will breed each 7 days.

  • My Fae died.. – V2 Faes will not die for lack of food, insted they become Pets, they will not breed or drop items. V1 Faes can die, but they are now free feeding faes and items and eggs dropped by V1 Faes will not work. V1 Faes are Pet Faes From the Old Collection. To keep them alive, add at least 100 Mana to your Ysra and re-rez your life tower. This will activate the free feeding for V1 Faes in your city.

  • I touch my old version Fae eggs and nothing comes! – Old version Faes are now collectible and decorative. This can change in the future but for now they will not give you items or faes when you click their eggs/items. They will also feed for free so you dont need to spend money on those. If you wish to have new Faes get the V2 Faes from the Mystery Boxes.

  • My building turned black and it said theres already a building of this type in my City! – You can only use one building of each kind, each city also has a special building, Camping Tent, MerFae Cove, Haunted House, Cristmas Tree and Teslanic Lab. If your building turned black, check the Buildings you have and rerez it.

  • A fae lives for 90 days then it gets to DECO State, showing a pedestal. It will not breed or move after entering the Deco State.

If you have other questions please check the Home Page and contact our staff so we can add your question to this FAQ and answer your doubts.