Fairy Items

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Items that can be found in the vendors or delivered from one of our servers. This inclued Mana Crystals (Fae Food), Golden Orbs (Random Key Locked Prize), Recipes, Collectibles and others.

Mana Crystals

Theres 3 Sizes, Small 1400 Mana, Medium 5600 Mana, Large 16800 Mana.

To load Mana Crystals into your Ysra just click the Mana Crystal Geode and then the Ysra you wish to fill. Be sure to have the Mana Geode near that ysra.

Mystery Box

Mystery Boxes can be found in the Vendors or as Event Prize.

Inside you can always find 2 Special Edition Faes and other prizes. Collectibles or Keys.

Pay attention to the ones in the Vendors, Mystery Boxes disapear when a limit number is bought, and a new one will replace the previous ones.

Golden Orbs

Golden Orbs are free and can be caught at the Mainstore and HubStores that have the EVO Vendors and are Event Areas. How? Just find the Golden Orbs dropping form a giant Orb and click the ones in the floor to grab them. Dont save Orbs in your inventory as they need will not work for you if over 24 hours in the Inventory.

You will need a Golden Key to open these.

Golden Keys

Golden Keys are used to open Golden Orbs to get Rare Faes and Items. There is always 4 different collectible boxes and a Special Edition Fae to grab in those. They are found in the Vendors, as Prizes in Events, and from the Treasure Tower.

Pearls and Golden Pearls

Golden Pearls are the most used Collectible in EVO, with those you can Upgrade your Buildings, Fae Recipes and its also used in your Treasure Towers for Golden Prizes, Faes and Golden Keys.

In the EVO Aquatica Fishing and other games you will also find dropable pearls of other colors, use the Alchemy Recipes from your Library to turn those pearls into Golden Pearls.

Some Golden Faes can also drop Gold Pearls as a Prize.


Another very used Collectible in EVO, you will use it on the Recipes and Cryptex Minigame. Crystals have 6 Colors, and are droped mostly by the Crystal Miner Faes.

You can also get packs of 10x. 20x, 30x and 50x Crystals with the EVO Magic Grow Crystal Kits.

Season Collectibles

Spring, Summer, Halloween and Winter Collectibles, are gived away as a prize drop during the Season Events.

Most of the Faes from these seasons will also drop this Collectibles. You will use it in the Cryptex, Recipes and Season Buildings Upgrades.

Some of the Season Collectibles can also be droped in the EVO Games.

These are: Summer Hat, Christmas Green, Red and Snow Balls, SeaShell of Ysgar, Summer Dress, Pumpkin, Apple, Flower, Spring Dress and Spring Hat.