Fairy Rarity

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Faes Species and Types

Specie/TypeCIty(a)Non BreedersBreedersLibrarians(b)Miners (b) Crystal Miners (b) Warriors (e) Pristesses (b)(e) Queens (b)(e) Goddenesses (b)(I)
Nature FaesNature/Regular (d) XXXXXXXXX
Mer FaesSummer City (d) XXXXXXXXX
Creeper FaesHalloween City (d) XXXXXXXXX
Winter FaesWinter City (d) XXXXXXXXX
Teslanic Ancient Faes (Extint, Legendary Rarity) (c)Teslanic City(d)XXX

Etnic Groups

Specie/TypeCIty(a)Non BreedersBreedersLibrarians(b)Miners (b) Crystal Miners (b) Warriors (e) Pristesses (b)(e) Queens (b)(e) Goddenesses (b)(e)
Golden Faes(f)Teslanic City(d)X(h)(h)XXXXXXX

(a) – Any Fae can live in the Teslanic City as long it has the AddOn Pack with the Pro Ysra Rezzed insted of the normal one.

(b) – Worker Faes (Librarians,Miner,Crystal Miners, Pristesses) require their Working Buldings to be rezed.

(c) – Teslanic are an Ancient Specie of Faes. Masters of Magic and Technology, their cities survived to the current days by reparing itself in the presence of a Fae. Still many of the buildings and mage towers can only be accessed by their gene.

(d) – Any V1 (2014r to 2018 Faes) can live in any of the cities as a pet. They will free feed from an active Life Tower, and will not Breed or Work.

(e) – Faes that required to be feeded by Ale from the Fae Armory Buildings.

(f) – Golden Faes are an Etnic Group and not a Specie, they live in the Teslanic City.

(h) – The Golden Faes will not have any Breedable Faes, instead these Faes will come from the Valkhyra Towers and Game, Recipes and Quests

(i) – Goddness Faes, wont require food or ale to produce Ambrosia. The Ambrosia is a type of food stored in the Goddess Faes that can be used to feed other person Priestesses Faes in your Cities. If you have priestess in your city that are yours and not from other person, you will not receive Religous Favor in that City.

V0 (2008 to 2013 Faes) – Disabled Version. Server Offline.

CommunUncommunRareUltra RareSuper Ultra Rare

V1 (2014r to 2018 Faes) – Pet Version, wont breed or produce, free feeds from an active Life Tower.

CommunUncommunRareLegendaryUniqueLimited EditionOOAK(b)
(b) One of a Kind

V2 (2019 to current Faes) – Breedables and workers of the current version Faes.

CommumRareLegendaryGOV(a)Special EditionOOAK(b)
(a) Guardians of Valkhyra Faes – (b) One of a Kind

Species Development

(a) Primordial (Extint, Primordial Specie, First specie to colonize Valkhyra, Rumored to come from the Great U)

(b) Mer (Mermaid Faes that live in the Summer Cities, This Specie developed in the seas of Valkhyra)

(c) Teslanic (Rumored Extint, Higly Adanced Specie, This Specie developed unaturaly by magic and technology)

(d) Nature (Faes that live in the Nature/Regular Cities, This Specie developed in the Forests and Plains of Valkhyra and they ressemble the Primordial Specie)

(e) Creeper (Faes that live in the Halloween Cities. This Specie developed in the deepts and caves of Valkhyra)

(f) Winter (Faes that live in the Winter Cities. This Specie developed in the frozen poles of Valkhyra)

Obs: The so Called Golden Faes are not a Specie, but an etnic group formed by the Creeper and Winter Species. This group splited from their sisters at the end of the Ysra Empire, and ware an essential part of the Formation of the Arkus Empire. Golden Faes aim to ascend and become the new Teslanic Race. Today the Empress is only elected from the Golden Faes. They also live in the Teslanic Cities due their quest to learn the secrets of Teslanic.