GO Shoals

EVO*GO Shoals

New Designer, 3 new Shell Types, Only place to get your New Mermaid Fairies, Pearl Catching System for your Recipes.

It is true now u can finaly conect the Shoals Clams to your Fairy City, with new buildings to add to your city as the Aquarium Tower and Fairies that will give you Plankton and Special Clams!

Collect Them all!


Q : How long do they live?

A: They can live up to 90 days after that the Aquatica Shoals will transform into decorative mode. When on decorative mode if you click them they will show their name whit ” DECO ” after it. The DECO Shoals live forever without the need of care or plankton.


Q : Do Aquatica Shoals breed?

A: Yes the Shoals breed. They take 7 days to be adult and start getting “Egg Ready”, at 100%, then the male will look for a female and breed to create an egg.
Do NOT TAKE any EGGS into inventory! If you take the egg into inventory and rezz it the system will be disabled and the egg will report it to our server, to cheat protection that can grant you a temporary ban or a permanent ban from our system.


Q : What happens when my Aquatica Shoals dies ?

A: Your Shoals can only die from lack of food, use “EVO*Shoals – Plankton” to keep your aquarium healthy and productive.


Q : What does the stats mean ?

A: The statistics represents what is happening with the Shoals.
Name (Version) – The species of your pet
Rarity – Rarity Type – The types are (common, uncommon, rare and epic)
Genre – If the clam is male or female .
Color – Shell Color
Pearl – Pearl Type
Flesh – Flesh Type
Age : Number of days of your Shoals
Feed : If it drops below 20% Shoals will start decay, keep the tank with enough Plankton so that they can eat normally
Health : Percentage of Health, 0 % when your shoal will die.
Egg Ready : When love is at 100 %, this Shoal will summon a new egg to the tank.

! WARNING : ! Eggs can not be picked to inventory and re – rezzed, just click them to receive a new Boxed Shoal from the server.


Q : How many Clams does the Clam Lab hold?

A: A tank can hold 20 Shoals, when a tank is full the shoal will be automatically placed in another tank that is near, if no tank is near and you let your clam “homeless” she will die.


Q: How long it will take for my Shoals to start breed?

A: The clams take 7 days to mature and the “Egg Ready” stat will start raising. When they archive 100% Egg Ready, the male will look for a female and they will breed, the female will then summon one Egg.


Q: How many plankton does one clam eat for day?

A:One Clam eats 100 units of plankton per day.


Q: How many prims have the clams and the tank?

A: Each clam has a minimum of 4 prims and each tank has 8 prims.


EVO*Shoals – Clam Lab Ver. 2014 – This is the tank where you keep your shoals.
By touching it you get a menu with three main options [Style] [Stats Opt.] [Population]

[Style] –
[Change Base] Allows you to change the texture of the base of the Tank.
[Water/Glass] Offers you two options:
[Fill/Close] by clicking this it will close your tank and fill it with water.
[Empty/Open] by clicking it will drop the glass and empty itself.

[Stats Opt.] Will give you three different options on how to display the stats of your tank [None], [Daily] and [Weekly]

[Population] By clicking this option the tank will send a message on the chat with the info on how many clams you have on that tank.

Your tank has a status light on it’s base. The different colours have different meanings.
If the colour of your status light is:

Green – Everything is ok and your clams should be fine.
Yellow – It warns you have reached 100 units of plankton.
Red – Your tank has no food and if you have clams on this tank you should fill it the fastest possible or your shoals health will start to decay.

We have different packs of Clam Labs available. 1unit, 3 units and 8 units. You also get tanks on the starter, mega and themed pack.

EVO*Shoals Plankton

Plankton it’s your Clams food, each Clam eats 100units of food per day and you can get mana in three different packs sizes. 62000 plankton units will feed 20 clams for 1 month, 30000 plankton units will feed 10 clams for 1 month and 7000 plankton units will feed 10 clams for one week. Another way to get food is by using a Plankton Pearl jar filling it with pearls and redeeming it by food.

How to get Started

1 – Rezz a tank.

2 – Rezz your Plankton box, touch it and then touch the tank to fill it with plankton.
3 – Touch your box of Shoals and touch it to get your Clam. Rezz the Clam and it will be located in the nearest tank.

And everything is ready!

By touching the Clam, a menu will pop with different options:

[Text Opt.] [Portal]

[Text Opt.] has other three different options. [Show] [Hide] [Name]

[Show] – Will make the stats of your clam visible.
[Hide] – Will hide the stats of your clam.
[Name] – The stats will only display the name of the Shoal
[Portal] – By clicking this a window will pop out with the link for our website.

Shoals Team

Product Director Xon Arcana

Mesh Designer Raine

Texture Designer xfillipe Resident


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