Guardians of Valkhyra – The Game
Thank you for your purchase! This documentation explains how your shield and wand works, and how to use the menu and such.

When you first rezz or wear your shield please wait a few seconds for it to start up. Once loaded, you will see the hovertext in the shield.  At this point, you can begin playing!

You can click the HUD or the shield to show the shield menu. You have the following options available:

Game Pack Items:
1 EVO*MC Fairies – Guardian Shield CS1.0 Ver.2017
1 EVO*MC Fairies –  Fae Guardians Wand Ver.2017 (Wear) (COPY)
1 EVO*MC Fairy – Guardians of Valkhyra HUD Ver. 2017 (COPY)
1 EVO*MC Fairies – Guardian Badge CS Ver.2017 (Opt. Wear.)
1 Landmark to EVO Arena
1 Readme


Shield Main Menu
LOAD MODE – Available only when shield is rezzed. This allows you to add relics to your shield to gain honor.
UPGRADE   – Available only when shield is rezzed. This will allow you to put the shield into Upgrade mode when there is an update.
BOAST     – Available when rezzed and when worn. This will whisper your current level and title and honor exp to everyone nearby.
HOVERTEXT – Available when rezzed and when worn. This will toggle the hovertext of the shield on and off. Note that hovertext is ALWAYS on when fighting, and when you are resting after a fight.
COMBAT    – Available only when shield is worn. This brings up the combat menu.
RECLAIM   – Available when rezzed and when worn, and when you have a prize that failed to award. This will re-attempt to deliver your prize.

Combat Menu
CANCEL    – Cancels Combat Menu
SEARCH    – Search for players within a 20m radius of your location to a combat.
TOGGLE    – Set yourself to be AVAILABLE for combat, or NOT AVAILABLE for combat. WARNING: Read below the consequences of doing this!

Level      – Your current level
Honor      – The amount of honor (EXP) that you have.
Next Level – The amount of honor (EXP) that you need to obtain the next level.
Karma      – The amount of karma that you have, expressed in a percentage.
Health     – The health of your shield. Also shown as “Shield Health”.
Prize Locks- The number of LOCKS on your shield you must unlock to earn a prize.

Prize Locks Explained
You start with 3 prize locks. You must win three battles in a row for your prize locks to get to 0, at which time you will be awarded a prize, and your prize locks will return to 3.  If you have 1, 2, or 3 prize locks and lose a fight, you will return to 3 prize locks.

Honor, Karma, Combat Toggles, what does it all do?
Honor is your experience points – as you gain honor, you gain levels, which can have benefits. You can gain honor by adding relics to your shield, and by fighting.

Karma is a stat that goes up by 5 points when you attempt to initiate combat. Even if the other player ignores your request, or does not respond in a timely fashion, you will still gain karma, just merely attempting to start a fight with someone. Note that if no one is available to combat, you do not gain karma. The gain happens after you select a player from the menu to combat.

You cannot start combat, nor can anyone combat you and all your Honor will be lost if you are at100 Karma. Also, once you hit 50 points of karma, your shield starts losing shield health, so fights will get harder to win.

You can “toggle” your combat mode to be AVAILABLE or NOT AVAILABLE.  If you are AVAILABLE for combat, you will lose 1 karma point every 30 minutes. If you are NOT AVAILABLE for combat, you will NOT lose karma points at all however you WILL lose 1 honor point per minute.

How to Start Combat?
You must be within 20m of another player. Click your HUD or shield, and select Combat, then Search. Give a few seconds for the shield to look for players, and then select the name of the player you wish to fight. You will gain 5 karma, and then they will get a popup stating that you wish to fight them!

How to Accept a fight
Once you get a popup after someone requests to fight you, you may choose to FIGHT, or CONCEDE.  If you choose to CONCEDE, you will lose honor.  If you choose to FIGHT, then at this point, the fight will begin! Note that you do not gain karma by accepting a fight request from another.

I received an update for my shield, how do I update it?
You will get an update automatically. Once received, you should do the following:

1. Rez your old shield and the updater shield on the ground next to each other.
2. Click your old shield, and put it in UPGRADE mode.
3. Click the updater shield, and select “Begin”.
4. The upgrade process will happen immediately afterward. Please wait until the updater is completely finished before picking the shield back up. Be aware that the hovertext might show all 0 statistics during the upgrade process, but once complete, all your stats should show.




How to Start:

– Wear your EVO*MC Fairies –  Fae Guardians Wand Ver.2017 (Wear)
– Wear your EVO*MC Fairy – Guardians of Valkhyra HUD Ver. 2017
– Click your Wand Menu button on the hud, a menu should popup

Menu Options

EVO Portal – Redirects you to our website;
Auto Decline – Turns on and off the decline option (If you turn Auto-Decline on you won’t receive any prizes, but you will still receive Honor;
Summon – Casts 1 spell
Level Shout –  Shouts on local chat your Level and Honor;
Auto-Summon – Turns on and off auto-summon ( If you turn Auto-Summon on you will be casting automatically untill you run out of Magika;

To Start Summoning click Summon or Auto-Summon.

To be able to play Summon Game you should be in a 25 meters range of one Ysra (Only the Classic Ysra, Halloween Ysras will work on Halloween with special prizes)

You should see that animations and sounds start, and you should soon start to receive your summon catches;

Your wand comes with 100 Magika loaded into, to continue to Summon you will need Magika, available on store and Evo Hubstores;

To load Magika into your wand, just rezz or attach the Magika, and make sure you have your wand worn.

Playing the Magika Summon Game will award you:

– Exclusive Summon Collectibles

– Collectibles

– Wings

– Wands

And alot more to be added as we introduce new stuff into the game.


For more information contact:
KhrysT Neox
EVO Breeding CO. CEO

Terraoo7 Winterwolf
EVO Support