Guardians of Valkhyra RPG

EVO Support Links, Marketplace & Mainstore

Choose the Version you wish to play. Remember to Autorize the Game Page in your Browser or the Page will not open, get it at

Fae Plane

Relicarium City – Capital of the Arkus Empire

  1. Meeting Plazza
  2. Empress Palace
  3. Adventures Guild – to choose your Job
  4. Market
  5. Mage Guild
  6. Swordsman GUuld
  • A – West Gate
  • B – South Gate

Maps of the Valkhyra Empire Archipelago

Human Plane

Maps Continent of Rune Midgard

Most Important Items

Register Token

Its a token to register your SL Avatar in the RPG. It also serve as Password Reset.

You can find it at the EVO Guardians of Valkhyra Vendor Free for 0L$ at this point. All the Open-Beta players will also receive a Gummy Hat and 10.000 Zenys in the Freebie NPC in the center of the First City.

Get it at


“Merely owning this gloriously resplendent gem is said to be a sign of being chosen by fate to wield great power.”

Its a Power Crystal needed to creat a Guild, Conquer a Castle and Creat Realms.

It is dropped by Dungeon Bosses, as a prize in the EVO Events and on the EVO Guardians of Valkhyra Vendor for 6000L$. In the RPG it can be sold, traded, or gived away.

Zeny Treasure

From 500 to 1000 Zenys can be found siting in the Guardians of Valkhyra Arena in the mainstore

To load it, rez it on the floor, click it, and type the name of the char you wish to load it from

500.000 and 1.000.000 Zeny Loaders can be found in the Vendors.

Guardians of Valkhyra Jobs