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Our Flag-Ship Product, The EVO Mystic Creature Faes, are breedable/Summon Fairies from our Sub Division Mystic Creatures. Created in 2009 and with a remake in 2013 the Faes are still one of the most desirable creature to keep in SL.

The EVO Faes live in a Fae City that you can get in our Vendors

EVO Faes have been update for the new V2 System. Check the features the V2 System bring for the Faes bellow.

  • Only need to feed to breed.
  • Low Lag, static movement System.
  • New Building Features
  • Free City Starter packs with: Ysra, Life Tower, Broken City Walls, Library.
  • V2 cities will feed any old Version Fae you have as long you load at leat 1 Mana Food Pack in your Ysra and Re-rez your Life Tower.
  • And much much more already implemented and coming soon.

How to Start

  1. Grab a Free City Pack from the Vendors. They are Free and you can chose 5 diferent ones. Regular, for Forest and Nature Faes. Summer, for Merfaes. Halloween, for Creeper Faes. Winter for Winter Faes. And Teslanic for Rare Golden Faes or with the Add On City Pack you can have all the Faes Types from EVO.
  2. (Optional) If you are serious about being a true Fae Guardian, this is the Pack for you. The Add On City Pack brings 5 to 6 extra buildings for your city and much more features. You can read all about it in the Buildings Page.
  3. (Optional) If you wish to breed or grab items from your special faes you will need to feed them. Grab the Mana Crystals Pack of the size of your choose in the vendor.
  4. Faes. Faes come from many sources, like the Golden Orbs, Recipes, EVO Games or Mystery Boxes. If you are starting right now, the best way to start is to grab one of those Mystery Boxes. It will give you 2 to 3 Faes per box. There is always 2 Mystery Boxes for each Fae type. The Breedables and the Workers.

How to Setup your Cities.

  1. Unpack your Buildings from the Free City Packs and from the Addon Packs if you have them, by clicking the Jars Packs. Copy everything to your inventory using the click methode. Do not take the Buildings individualy fromt the packs, that will result in the pack delete itself.
  2. IMPORTANT!!! The first building to be rezzed is the Ysra Relicarium. This building acts as home and feeder for the Faes. As mentioned before, rez the Ysra theme of the faes you wish to add to that city. Drag the Ysra arround till you find a proper place, check if the magic sign under the ysra is visable and not under the floor, that will set up the hight of your city
  3. Rez the other buildings in the packs, near the Ysra, dont drag them, the buildings will locate themselfs arround the Ysra in their proper Places.
  4. With that done, you will see the range of the city is set by the walls. So if you want to add another city to your land, remember the distance from the Ysra till the Walls. If your buildings are rezzed to close of a same kind of building they will be disabled. In that case pick up the building and rez it far away.

Adding Mana Crystals (Fae Food)

  1. If you wish to breed and get item from your Faes you will need Mana Crystals. After getting it from the Vendors, rez it near your city.
  2. Click the Mana Crystals Geode and then the Ysra you wish to fill.
  3. Make sure you dont update your Ysra after you have filled with Mana Crystals, doing that will clean any Crystals there. If you need to update do it when your Ysra is empty or near empty.

Adding Collectibles to the Buildigns

  1. With the Free City Packs, comes the Library, a Building you can load with EVO*MC Collectibles – T5 Fairy Lore, a collectible dropped by the Librarian Faes if you have your Library rezzed, you can also find EVO*MC Collectibles – T5 Fairy Lore in our Games like EVO*MC Faes – Guardians of Valkhyra Game
  2. Rez the EVO*MC Collectibles – T5 Fairy Lore that is asked by the Library.
  3. Click your Library for menu, and activate it.
  4. Then click the EVO*MC Collectibles – T5 Fairy Lore, to load them into the Library.
  5. When the number or Collectibles asked is loaded your will get a accept item window with your item. In the case of the Library is Recipes and Books to summon rare Faes.
  6. Finaly the same goes for the other Quest Buildings, check the Buildings Page for more info.

Eggs and Dropped Items

  1. If you see a Fae Egg or an Item floating in your city, click it, do not pick it up. Picking any items or eggs will destroy them at the next time you rez it.
  2. A window with an item to accept will open. Click the Accept button to grab your Fae in a Jar or the collectible that Fae summoned.
  3. Remember only the V2 Faes Eggs and Dropped items will work, all the previous versions will act as pets, as they free feed but their eggs and items will give you nothing.

Fae Life

  • All Faes are female as such they dont need males to breed. As a breedable collectible they are, Faes will summon other Faes to your cities, as long they have Mana Crystals.
  • Working Faes will not breed, instead they will give you Collectibles for the Recipes and Quest Buildings.
  • Queens and Goddesses Faes will kill each other if you have more than 1 of each. Each City can only hold 1 Queen and one Goddesse Fae
  • Warriors, Queens and Goddesses Faes will need the Armory Buildings and will feed from Ale, if you have any pay attention to what you have in your city. Exept for the Warrior Class Faes, the other 2 for now are the only faes that Vanish from your city if you dont feed them. They will not apear as dead but they will return to the Servers if you dont have the conditions for them.
  • All Faes live for 90 Days exept in the case of Imortal Faes, these are some faes we release for charity iniciatives, however they wil not breed or give any items.
  • Faes will need 7 Days to mature before starting to Work or Breeding (summoning) other Faes, that takes about 7 days in each cycle. That said if your Fae goes under 80% Mana, it will reset this stats to 0 (Zero) and will need another 7 days to spawn the Egg or Prize
  • Each City can hold up to 18-20 Faes and 25 Faes with the Addon City Packs, this is due our policy to prevent our products from Lagging or underperform in any Sim. Coms will close to more than that number of faes, if you want to rez more, grab extra cities.
  • Each Fae type wll only live in her type of city. Winter Faes will want to live on the Winter city, and so on. Execpt the Teslanic City Addon Pack that will let you have all kinds of Faes in it.
  • Your Faes will also enter a low lag mode if they are taking too much time to respond to our servers, they will still run in local, but will not move until sim response is reduced, it will also comunicate with the server once an hour insteadt of each 5 minutes.

Recipes, Books and Quest Chests

  1. These items will work much as the Quest Buildings, as the Library, Treasure Tower, Valkhyra Tower and Teslanic DEV Building.
  2. Rez the Recipe, Book or Quest Chest, and see what Collectibles will you need to load into it.
  3. Rez the Collectibles needed
  4. Click the Recipe, Book or Quest Chest and activate it.
  5. Now click the Collectibles 1 by 1 to load them into the Recipe, Book or Quest Chest
  6. Accept the item from the servers and the recipe will destroy itself.
  7. Same as the buildings, only load the Collectibles on this items when you have all them, to prevent any issue with SL, unfortanly EVO cannot replace half filled recipes.