How to become an Hubstore

Hubstores are representatives of EVO Mainstore. To have an Hubstore there are some requirements your location and dedication to the task must meet;

Requirements to become and remain an Hubstore

  • 1 EVO contest event per week
  • 2 months as an affiliated
  • 15000L of sales per month
  • 1/2 sim minimum land size
  • You should have medium knowledge of our products and where to send clients if they need assistance or support;

Hub Perks

  • 10% on their affiliate vendors
  • Advertisement of your location on our Hub Teleport Hud and on website
  • Prizes for contests (if you constantly postpone or don’t show up to your contests, no prizes will be given, and your Hubstore status may be revoked);
  • Rewards for top 3 Hubstores on sales ranking;
  • Rights to Advertise Events on the Main Support Group (only 1 notice per contest on the day of the event, failing to comply with this rule and your right for notices and hub status might be revoked);

If you think you meet the minimum requirements to become an hubstore please submit a form;



Hub 1 – Antony2468 Kappler – Medieval Fairy Lake Village

Hubstore Manager –

Events each Thursday – 7-8 PM SLT and Sunday – 4-5 PM SLT

Hub 2 – JessicaGeryon – Reyes Family Breedables

Hubstore Manager – JessicaGeryon, Pauly Reyes

Events each Saturday 6PM SLT

Hub 3- Menotomymom Resident – Serenity Cove

Hubstore Manager –

Events each Tuesday 2-3PM SLT



Hub 4 – Jordon Snowbear – Aussie Breedables

Hubstore Manager –  IndiaHartt Resident

Events each Sunday – 7-8 PM SLT