Hubstores Code:

– HUBstore owners and their representatives are to act in a professional manner knowing they are representing themselves as part of our company.

– HUBstore owners and their representatives as part of our company are not to be disruptive in our Main channel.

– HUBstore owners and their representatives are to assist in that channel as well to work with our CSR’s and use the main channel as neutral platform not showing bias but working as part of a community.

– Certain Levels of Sales, Events, Guardians Support and Guidance are expected from an Hubstore.
We expect Hub-Store Owners to be respectful and integrated into the EVO Community.

– HubStores can advertise on Main Group – EVO Breedables & Games Group twice per event only, one on the previous day, and another one on the day of the event. Making notices with weeks of advance confuses people instead of keeping reminded…

– Hub Stores can advertise on EVO Advertising Group as long as they refer and practice the rules in group description – Mystic Creatures Advertising Group

– EVO Supports Hubstores with games, hunts, a % on the affiliated vendors, prizes for contests, and a prize in Credit on our Store for the top 3 sales of each month!

– We take highly preference in Hubs that are willing to be engaged in our activities and games, and that host at least twice per month events.

– Hubstores should have their land open for visitors.

– Hubstores should take close attention to notices coming out, and keep their vendors and content material updated.

Failure to comply with these rules are grounds to have your HUB status revoked.

If you fancy becoming an Hubstore submit a app