Cryptex Game

Cryptex Game

How does the Cryptex work?

First thing to do is allways rezz the Cryptex;

Have a look at the items the Cryptex has in it:

There’s different Cryptex’s and each one takes different collectibles;

Cryptex List – Click the link to check the different Cryptex released, what collectibles they need, where to get them and their prizes!

Click the Cryptex and Activate it, note that your cryptex will only accept collectibles for 120 seconds, then you will need to activate it again in order to keep adding collectibles.

Add your combination to your cryptex;

Keep in mind:

– You can repeat collectibles;

– The order matters;

– The slots you guess, will be displayed in green;

– The slots you fail, will be displayed in red;

– In local chat you will find the info of your correct guesses;

– Do not take the Cryptex into inventory while entering a combination, or your added collectibles will be lost;

– Do not take the Cryptex into inventory when, it’s complete and sending your prize, or you will lose your prize and cryptex;

– The Cryptex will not award a prize on failed attempts;

With this info all you need to do is keep filling the Cryptex with the correct collectibles in the slots you already know, and change the ones that are not right yet;


Please let us know your feedback about this game

Rita and Evans

Concept, Design and Scripting


For Support please contact us.

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