MC Faes the V2.1 Update

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Greetings Guardians,

Following a productive meeting with Ren regarding the development services for EVO Mystic Creatures Faes, we have identified several key points for consideration in the upcoming update. As such, we would like to outline a few changes that will be actively implemented.

The Buildings

  • Regarding the buildings related to the new Starter Packs designed for our newly joined Guardians, we are in the process of implementing some upcoming changes.
  • The Teslanic Ysra and Starter Buildings are set to be incorporated into the upcoming Starter Packs, which will include provisions of food and two Faes.
  • The Teslanic Ysra in the Starter Pack will feed any Breedable Fae Theme.
  • The Quest Buildings will now accept Stacks of Collecibles
  • Religion Status is to be added to the Ysras
  • Adding Purchase Food Feature to the Ysras and Armory Towers. (with out the need to load a mana geode)
  • Life towers will come activated to Feed your Old Version Faes. No activation will be required.
  • Ysras Update Jar will return so you can update your Ysras with our losing Food in the process.

The Pets

  • Healt Status will Return to all Faes
  • Breedable Faes will not die for Lack of Food. Any worker, Warrior or Pristess, will die if Food is not Supplied.
  • Revivers will return so you can Revive your dead Faes that you love.
  • End of all Support for Faes with more than 5 Years. They are pets keep them as pets, we will not revive/replace/”fix” them
  • Priestesses and Goddesses Faes will be join the Workers taking care of Religion in your City.
  • Goddesses Faes will not be Transfer, Shared, Sold, they are Rezed by your Ysras, and will work in your city as long as you have Faith for their Religion
  • Fighting Warriors inworld are to return, with the Fae Arenas.
  • Make your own Fae Dress, Hair, Skin, and Wings Textures and share them with the Guardians Community. With a Special Faes Designer Kit and Special Blank Faes in the Breeding and Designer Packs Boxes.
  • Resize! New Faes from the V2.1 Version will feature a Resize Button with 3 Sizes for your Faes Display.

The Consumables & Collectibles

  • Collectibles can be Loaded in Stacks and Collectible Stashs to use with the Buildings. Packs of Pearls will now load into the Treasure Towers.
  • Big Collectible Call Out Redeem System – Lets reduce the Collectibles Pool. All old non usable collectibles will be redeemed for Special Faes.
  • All the current Collectibles can also be loaded on the Valkhyra Tower as Redeem Coins
  • Coin System is back and will feature a Rank in the Webpage for the Richest Guardians. Coins can also be Redeemed into Special Faes.
  • Consumable Food Geode and Fairy Weapons are do be replaced by a purchase Feature in the Ysras and Armories.

The System

  • New AutoRegister System will be in the Starter Pack
  • No Item can be purchased from the vendors with out having the Starter Pack.
  • Current and old Customers will recieve the Starter Pack for Free.
  • Special Edition Fae for all our Current Customers will not be Featured in the Starter Packs for new Customers.
  • The Guardians of Valkhyra RPG – WIll be on old untill November so we can add the Inworld Warrior Faes stats to the Game.

These updates will be rolled out in multiple phases. We invite you to take a look at the forthcoming changes and kindly share any additional features or modifications you may desire. Your input is highly valued, and we will diligently explore possibilities for inclusion in the upcoming update.

Sincere appreciation to all,

KhrysT Lords – CEO, EVO Breedables & Games

Ren Lords – Developer, EVO Support & MC Faes 2.1

Akasha Darkheart – Lead Designer, EVO