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EVO*Mystic Creatures – Fairies

Q: What do i need to start?

A: First thing you should do before getting any products, is registering your sl account with our systems, for that you just need to rezz any item from 2018 on or click the EVO Register Ledger at the EVO Mainstore , that you also use to reset your EVO Account Password.

Without registering you will not be able to receive server sent items or submit tickets without your pet ID.


After you have registered, the best way to start faes is to get a starter pack;

Starter Pack contents:

  • Ysra ( Fairies home and feeder)
  • Life Tower ( Life Tower feeds any older fae versions – 2014R, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • 1400 Mana Crystals ( Feeds two faes for 1 week)
  • 2 Random Common Fairy Giver (click to receive your first fae jars)


This is all you need to start an happy colony;

  • First rezz the starter pack and click it to receive it’s contents;
  • Rezz all the contents of the starter pack, and click the Ysra Geode, the Life Tower Geode and both Random Common Fairy Givers;
  • You should have now on your inventory 1 Ysra, 1 Life Tower and 2 Fae Jars;
  • Rezz the Ysra first;
  • Rezz the mana crystals, click them and after it the Ysra to load the Mana Crystals onto it;
  • Rezz the Life Tower;
  • And finally click the fae jars to open them too, and then rezz them near the ysra, they should connect to the ysra, spell out their chant and start flying around;

City Themes:

Winter City

Halloween City

Summer City

Spring City

Q: How long will they live?

A: They can live up to 90 days, after that the EVO Fairies turn DECO,will show her name when touched, will have “DECO” tagged and a pedestal will appear under her feet, the decorative Fairies will live eternally without the need of care or Mana Crystals.


Q: Do the EVO Fairies reproduce?

A: Actually all Fairies are female so they don’t reproduce, however they can summon new eggs that you can touch to receive a new boxed fairy. DO NOT PICK UP EGGS TO THE INVENTORY! If rezzed the system will disable the egg and will report you to our Cheating Protection Server and that can grant you a temporary Ban from the system;

Q: How much time it takes to summon an egg?

A: A Fairy takes 8 days to achieve maturity and It takes a minimum 7-12 days (depending on the rarity)for a Fairy to summon an egg.

Q: How many Mana Crystals does each Fairy eat in a day?

A: Each Fairy eats around 100 crystals a day. A Fairy can live up to 3 days without crystals but if the Health stats goes below 20 the Fairy will not be happy and if the Health stat reaches 0, the Fairy will die.

Q:How many different types of Fairies are available?

A: There are the commons, rares, uniques, temporal (seasonal, holidays, events, etc), mythical and OOAK.

Q: What happens when my EVO Fairy die?

A: Your Fairies can only die for lack of Food, rezed or in your inventory, use “EVO*Mystic Fairies – Fairy Crystals to keep your Colony healthy and productive, however if they die you can now Revive them with a Reviver. Revivers won’t work with all old version faes. 

Q: What’s the Stats Text about?

A: The stats represents what is going on with your Fairies.

Name (Version) – The species of your pet

Rarity – Type and Rarity of your Fairy, the Types are (Common, Rare, Unique, Temporal, Mythical)

Magic Type – The type of Magic states what Fairy Species it belongs to.

High-Magic – This states the type of magic your fairie is capable of. For example a Librarian can boost your Library, a Miner will summon mining items,etc

Age: Number of days of your Fairy

Mana: If it drops under 20% the Fairy will start to decay, keep enough mana crystals on your ysra to the faes you have on that city

Health: Percentage Health of the Fairy, when at 0% your Fairy will died.

Mystic: When Mystic is at 100%, your Fairy will summon a new Fairy Egg to the colony or summon a prize;


!!ATTENTION!!: Eggs can’t be picked up to inventory and re-rezzed, so don’t pick up your Eggs! If you do you will lost that active Egg.

Just touch them to receive a new boxed Fairy from the server.


Q: How many Fairies can a Ysra hold?

A: Use your best judgment, the Ysra can hold over 20 fairies but remember that will rise the lag a little bit so try to keep no more than 20 per Ysra

Q: What to do if i need help and i can’t find the answer i need in the READ ME page?

A: It is important you join the EVO – Breedables and Games Group there is where you can find support and look for friends within the community. You will receive your group upon purchase on our vendors. You can go through the previous sent notices and check if there are notices sent that have any information you might need to help you. You can also use the group chat for help, a CSR will give you support. We also have a ticket system through the website that you can use to send a ticket. The ticket will be replied as soon as possible, the maximum time for a reply to your ticket should be 48 hours.


There’s a bunch of ways you can play with your faeries, and drop all the info in here would be overwhelming. If you need more information about any items, this links might help you!


Fairy List – Here you will find all the faes already released and some info about them;

Buildings – Ysra, Life Tower, Treasure Tower, Library, Armory, Mines, Camping Tent, Haunted House, Valkhyra Tower, Christmas Tree, Broken City Walls all info on what these are used for, and what they do;

Games – Magic Crystal Kits, Recipes, Alchemy’s, Cryptex, Golden and Blue Orbs, GOV System, Mystery Boxes, Gachas, Hubstores Hunt;

Collectibles – What are they, where to get them, and how to use them;

For more information contact:
KhrysT Neox
EVO Breeding CO. CEO
In-world Group: EVO – Breedables and Games Group
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