Remood United

Remood United Group


KhrysT Lords (khryst.neox)

EVO CEO Founder, Lead Scripter, MC Creatures Creator,  & MC Faes 2.0 Co-Developer.

EVO Systems Administrator, Remood United Group Co-Founder, LGA Customs CEO


G Clef (terraoo7.winterwolf)

EVO Chief Administrative Officer

Servers Administrator

Remood United Group CO-Owner, G Clef Streams CEO


HIko Ren 彦恋 (davidm.neox)

EVO Chief Innovation Officer, EVO Scripter, BeetleBugz Label Director, Coup de Grace Label Manager, EVO Support Manager, Remood United Group Manager 


Tormentosa (Tormentosa Resident)

Remood United Group Staff

Shops Rent Manager, Boiler Mood Club Manager


Santos (SantosFerrer Resident)

Remood United Group Staff

Boiler Mood Club Manager

Remood United is a group comprised by many tallent content creators for Second Life.

Founded by Rita, KhrysT and Raine on the Remood United Sim in 2013 , Remood United currentely joins EVO, Yuko, Boiler Mood Club and G-Clef Streams, toguether in the same Sim. Currentely Managed by KhrysT Kords (KhrysT Neox), G Clef (Terraoo7 Winterwolf), and Hiko Ren (Davidm Neox) the group is the matrix were EVO and collaborating companies can work toguether. Remood United Group also holds the Boiler Mood Club, London Goth Artists for SL and the MysterySLand Festival Labels.

Check out our Rental Stores, Adventure Island and visite our Club  at

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