Yuka, the Cutest Mammoth Alive!

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EVO Group brings you Yukas!! A cute little Mammoth that brings fresh features to breedables. Scripted by EVO, Yukas are aimed to be strong and safe coded, having considered SL and sims random issues.

Bringing new things to the breedables world like “Extinction” of some species and living breeding in some of the Female Yukas. But dont worry; most Yukas breed as regular breedable pets in SL providing you with a Baby in an Ice Cube that is your pet and has the animation suspended so you can sell and trade without the need of feeding it. We chose the Ice-Cube/Frozen Mammoth for the new-borns and deliveries cause its easy for you to use and have a cool defrosting animation when unpacking your pet!

Now updating to version V.2018


Growing Fur and Tusks

Besides Yukas growing in size as they grow old, their Fur and Tusks will also grow in size, and as EVO is strongly against the Ivory Market, you will only be able to cut their fur, leaving their long and healthy tusks to grow. Cutting your Yukas Fur will grant you some Yuka collectable items you can use to defrost rare Yukas from Amber!

Amber  or Ice Frozen Yukas and Crafting

Similar to the Frozen Ice-Cube Yukas, but requiring collectibles to be opened, these rare craftable Amber Cases work similar to the Recipes from the EVO*MC Fairies granting you the rarest of all Yukas to collect. Normally the Extinction Races come from these ones, being delicate and living creatures, these Yukas are extremely hard to get and a good bet to become a strong Yuka Breeder. Special Edition Yukas will give you the needed collectibles for the Amber Frozen Yukas so pay close attention to these ones.

Couples how to pair

Yukas will choose their mate and theres nothing you can do about their choices, but you can separate them. Yukas have a 5 meter roaming rang, so if you raise a new Mammoth Pole far away from the first and raise a couple of Yukas there, Male and Female, you know for sure that those two will be Paired.

Mommas Mammas

As a rule, Mammoths and Elephants have a Matriarchal society, and we decided that it is the female that will carry the dominant gene, being able to breed new cubs and transmitting her genes and behaviour. The Male will be there just to provide the chromosome and coding slight changes into their young. Male Mammoths are very secluded and in a big group of Yukas you will find the males more lethargic and far from the rest of the herd.

Yukas Laied Nests and NestBoxes

DO NOT PICK UP NESTS TO THE INVENTORY! All EVO Items are Touch2Play, when you see a new Yukas Nest. Click it insted of Taking to Inventory that will destroy your Nest if taked and not clicked. Clicking any laied Nest will give you a NestBox from our Server that is rezzable and tradable.

Yukas Genetics Explained

Females are Gene Dominante

Males Scramble the Traits of a Female if the couple as 2 or less compatible Genes

Males Support the Traits of the Female if the couple as 3 or more compatible Genes

Exemp: Gene Scrambling 1 Compatible Gene

Female Male Baby
Coat Bolivian Mediterranian 25% Female Dominance
Eyes Star Star 50% Female Dominance
Tusks Glass Ivory 25% Female Dominance

Exemp: Gene Scrambling 2 Compatible Genes

Female Male Baby
Coat Bolivian Bolivian 50% Female Dominance
Eyes Star Star 75% Female Dominance
Tusks Glass Ivory 50% Female Dominance

Exemp: Gene Supporting 3 Compatible Genes

Female Male Baby
Coat Bolivian Bolivian 90% Female Dominance
Eyes Star Star 90% Female Dominance
Tusks Glass Glass 90% Female Dominance

This exemples show 3 Traits Genes but you have a total of 5 Traits you can mix to play in the genepool.



Pet/Stump Menus
* Movement – Controls your YUKAS Movement and walking.

* Rename – Renames your YUKAS

* Support – Access Ticket Support for easy and fast support to your YUKAS

* MKSL Shop – Usefull Marketplace link for when you cant TP out for an YUKAS Vendor

* Register – If you didint register your Avatar in EVO server, you can do it now using this button.

* Readme File – Some helpfull information about your YUKAS and how all items works.

* Text Opt. – Change the way Floating Text on your YUKAS is showed.

* Portal – Usefull link access for the EVO Webpage Portal were you can find information about your EVO Pets and Games.

* Close Menu – As button say, it will close this menu.

Menus will show diferent options depending if you are te owner of the item or not.

Pet Stats

Gender: Male/Female

Name: GenCode + Name of the YUKAS (if name changed will replace the name of the YUKAS with the name you desire.)

Rarity: Rarity level of the YUKAS

Species: Coat and Shape related Name.

Coat: Coat Trait

Eyes: Eyes Trait

FUR: Fur Trait

TUSK: Tusk Trait

Age: Current age of your YUKAS, in days.

Feed: Current Feed % of your YUKAS

Healt: Current Healt % of your YUKAS

Lust: Current Breeding % of your YUKAS (Will only start to raise on after they mature, they take 7 days mature)

Ages and Cycles

Yukas will take 7 days to mature, thats means it will grow up a little every day till it as 7 days old, at that point Tusks will grow and their back fur will start to grow. Yukas live till 90 Days when they will become DECO (Theres also special Yukas that live for 120 days and eveen some that you can find to be imortal!)

Shearing “How To”

After your Yuka achive 7 days the back fur will start growing, takes 9 days to be ready to shear with EVO*Yukas – Shears Item. You will see the fur growing in their back to diferent sizes till it is full grow and ready to shear. Shearign your Yuka will not just make it happy and preety as it will also give you a collectible Item you can use to craft object or desfrost Frozen Yukas.

Starting a Yuka

Yukas will have their moviment disabled so you can have them in heavy lagged SIMs, if you wish to enable their walking moviment you can do it by using their menu. If you perfer them statick just with eyes and nose moving just drag them to the right position you wish them to be.

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