V2 System for the EVO*MC Faes is already out.
Old Non V2 Faes will Feed Free from an active Life Tower and are now Pets, to activate your Life Tower, add V2 Mana Crystals to your Ysra and Rerez your Life Tower.
If you are new to EVO, register your account in one of our Vendors “Register” Button.
For Support contact KhrysT Neox.

MC Faes V2

Info soon

Fishing Game

Info Soon


A closed ecosystem with 3 variantes to play. Nature, Cosmos, Aqua

Support and Vendors

Inworld Support

Inworld: Contact KhrysT Neox or DavidM Neox 

Vendors for your Items

Landmark: soon.

Website Ticket System

By our Website: Login wiht yourUsersname and Password and select Ticket Supper.
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