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EVO*Mystic Creatures Faes

Collectible Breedable for SL

EVO*Guardians of Valkhyra RPG

Web Browser Roleplaying Game

EVO*MC Dragooons

Mystic Creatures Genetic Breedable for SL

EVO*Guardians of Valkhyra SL

Duel System with Catching Game in SL

EVO*Aquatica Fishing Game

Fishing Game and Genetic Sea Breedables for SL

EVO*Beetlebugz Game & Hives

Catching Bugz Game with Hive Pets for SL

EVO*eSpheres Ecosystems

Virtual Enclosed Ecosystem for SL


Virtual Hydroponics and Plants for SL

EVO*Yukas Mammoths

Genetic Breedable Mammoth for SL

EVO Breedables & Games

Creators of Worlds for your Entertainment

EVO Breedables & Games, was established in 2008 by KhrysT Lords from Portugal, within the virtual platform Second Life, initially called EVO Mystic Creatures, as a platform to showcase his diverse array of products, including the EVO*Aquatica Fishing Game, EVO*Breedable Clams, and EVO*Collectible Breedable Faes, now EVO*Mystic Creatures Faes. In 2013, recognizing the demand for skilled scripters, designers, and technical expertise, KhrysT Lords expanded EVO's scope to encompass other creators, resulting in a significant expansion of product offerings within the EVO ecosystem.

In his capacity as CEO and project manager, KhrysT Lords has served as the liaison between the community and product creators, simultaneously overseeing the core system and server infrastructure supporting EVO's products. In 2015, Ren Lords, originaly from Russia now living in Portugal, joined EVO as COO, augmenting the core management team. Ren Lords introduced his own Card Games and BeetleBugz Catching Game to EVO's portfolio, contributing to the ongoing development and diversification of offerings. Ren Lords now spearheads support operations, webpage management, and the development of RPG systems within EVO.

Over the years, EVO has established itself as a prominent presence within Second Life, delivering engaging entertainment experiences through games and breedables tailored to the community's preferences to thousends of members. Additionally, EVO has expanded its reach beyond Second Life, providing game servers hosting, VPS Services, FiveM and RedM Services, webpage design services, and the creation of games, content and mods for the gaming industry.

For Support and Redelivers please contact one of the EVO Support Team Staff. Do not contact the designers.

The EVO Team

KhrysT Lords (KhrysT Neox SL)

EVO Breedables & Games CEO
EVO Product Manager

Ren Lords (DavidM Neox SL)

EVO Breedables & Games COO
EVO Support Manager


EVO*MC Dragooons Designer
Designer Consultant