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Guardians of Valkhyra Roleplaying Game

EVO*Guardians of Valkhyra - Roleplaying Game, is an old style RPG that can be played in a Second Life HUD, on your phone, table, computer and any platform.
The game is a complementary activity for your EVO*Mystic Creatures - Breedable Faes, and is connected to your Warrior Faes.
Guardians of Valkhyra RPG is set on the Continent of Valkhyra in the Faeyrion World, but you can also visit the Old Midgard Lands to the West.
With Job Classes, Quests, Dungeons, Boss Arenas, Minipets and hundreds of cool features to explore, we invite all our Fae Guardians to visite this world away from Second Life, and still being connected to your Second Life Friends. Join us.


* If an authorization Popup come up in your browser, authorize the game to run it.

Maps & Cities on the Valkhyra Continent  (Fae World)

Ysra Relicarium
Capital City of the Valkhyra Empire

Maps & Cities of Rune Midgard (Human World)

Jobs & Chars

Base Level Jobs

RPG Items in Second Life

The Register Token & Hud

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All you need to register in the Guardians of Valkhyra - Roleplaying Game is to rez the Register Token, Click it and Chose your Char Genger and a Password.
Your login will be your SL name as followed "firstname.lindenname" or if you are Resident (You dont have a Surname) exmp. "firstname", if that dosent work try "firstname.Resident" and your chosed Password

To reset your password just click your Register Token.
The Hud is used in SL to access the Game, if your computer is too slow on Second Life, use the links provided for your device.

RPG Treasure

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These Treasures can be found on SL by your Faes Summoning it, as a prize from the Mystery Boxes or in the Vendors

Treasure are used to recharge your RPG Char Account with Coins.

These coins can be used in the RPG Shops and Services.

The Empirium Clan Token

This Token is very hard to find in the RPG with a drop of 0.1% on the Mob Monsters.

The Empirium Clan Token is a rare crystal used to create clans and conquest castles in the main cities of the RPG World

You can also get them from our Vendors.

Creating a Clan in the RPG is the first step to conquer castles and form Realms.

On the Vendors

For Support and Redelivers please contact one of the EVO Support Team Staff. Do not contact the designers.

The EVO Team

KhrysT Lords (KhrysT Neox SL)

EVO Breedables & Games CEO
EVO Product Manager

Ren Lords (DavidM Neox SL)

EVO Breedables & Games COO
EVO Support Manager


EVO*MC Dragooons Designer
Designer Consultant